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Swacch aur Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan

Feminine Hygiene and Women Cancer in rural area is a big problem for Women Health. Lack of Knowledge, Awareness and poor Financial condition does not allow majority of the women to buy quality products, sanitary napkins, instead of it they use harmful alternates like old cloths etc. some of womens reuse them and some dry them in shade, increasing chances of infections. Various researches shows Reproductive Tract Infection was 70% more common among those with unhygienic sanitary practices.

Almost half of the girls did not even wash the old cloth before using it, while an equal number re-used the cloth several times. "Staining is obvious, which led to embarrassment compelling the girls to stay away from school. " Survey revealed that there was absolutely no discussion with them about menstruation whatsoever. The lack of awareness explains why four out of five girls are not prepared for it while three out of five are scared. Stigma and discrimination are the other sides of this problem. Almost 80% girls are still not allowed in the kitchen, stopped from going to fair, market while 100% said that there were religious taboos..

As a NGO we are organizing awareness sessions about feminine hygiene for females in rural areas at their door with all necessary health and swacchta related knowledge at their door, our goal is to make them habitual for these safety measure, we are initiating this Abhiyaan for three year thereafter we will work with the results if more work needed. In some areas womens also ask us to provide sanitary napkins also because they dont have easy access to the store or cannot afford them so we connect those females by making them our member and provide sanitary napkins every month free of cost for one year thereafter with some nominal cost. We name this Abhiyaan/ as "Swacch Aur Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan".


Madhya Pradesh

This program was initially started in MP in Gwalior district and successfully moves to other districts.

Uttar Pradesh

Working at initial level in some district of Uttar Pradesh (Jhansi, Mahoba etc. ).


Trial is successfully running in the rural areas of Jaipur district.


Study on the state of feminine hygiene is going on, we will notify you further for the next step.


@Ramlal I am owner of a school and i want to join Innovators-Club.
697 days ago

@Sikha Hume bhi judna hai napkin wale program se.
1023 days ago

@Ramnath Good Initiative Swacch aur Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan. 785 days ago

In charge (State)

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