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We provides digital learning materials and plans to give practical knowledge to students because education in The India is often criticized for being based on rote learning rather than problem solving. Business-week criticizes The Indian curriculum, saying it revolves around rote learning and express The India suggests that students are focused on cramming. We organizes digital learning lab rural areas to make them familiar with technology. In the rural area, children even not enrolled in schools At the lower secondary level (till std. 10), enrollment rate is 52%, while at the senior secondary level (std. 11 and 12), it is 28%. While the enrollment rate in pre-school is merely 18%, there is a 48% drop-out rate in elementary education.(source : Fortress Team Research). The India, however, has not accorded sufficiently high priority to the education of the poor and around 33 million of its 120 million 6-to-10-years-olds are not in school.

We are also planning to focuses on delivering low cost digital learning (Innovators Classroom) content primarily in government and rural area schools, given its large scale presence where 80 percent of schools in The India are public schools and they manifest problems of teacher attendance, ability and motivation that can be partially addressed through technology aided learning. This provides for an economical solution to the teacher-shortage challenge that leverages the best teaching practices of the urban qualified teachers, who develop content for innovators classroom, to be implemented in rural schools. Teachers integrate the digital content into their blackboard teaching and lesson plans. It makes learning engaging for students, helps with recapitulations of key highlights, and is also used as bridge course material for drop outs. Students themselves use this content for self-learning in the absence of a teacher.


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