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Indian Innovators Foundation Charitable Trust is a non-political, non-profit making social service organization, established to promote health and education amongst educationally backward and rural sections of the foundation and for upliftment of downtrodden people through various developmental projects. IIF is also involved directly implementing the scholarship and some other projects. More ...

Our Programs

heart Swacch & Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan

Awareness session for Women Feminine health and Swacchta among rural area womens by our teams.

heart Sanitary Napkins

On door delivery of Best quality sanitary napkins for members only on their demand with essential health related knowledge with sponsor's help.

heart Scholarships

IIF plans to provides scholarships for ambitious student, who wants to continue their study but financial situation is one of the obstacles.

heart Charity School

We want to provide high class practical knowledge to poor students which will help them to shape there future with help of charity school.

We need your help

Let’s Stop Taboo and fullfill their happiness. Help them in any manner.

Over 85% girls used old tattered clothes during menstruation. We were Shaken to the core on hearing that some of rural girls were using things like a 'pouch filled with ash' and 'bundle of dried grass' instead of sanitary napkins. Almost half of the girls did not even wash the old cloth before using it, while an equal number re-used the cloth several times. "Staining is obvious, which led to embarrassment compelling the girls to stay away from school. " Survey revealed that there was absolutely no discussion with them about menstruation whatsoever. The lack of awareness explains why four out of five girls are not prepared for it while three out of five are scared. Stigma and discrimination are the other sides of this problem. Almost 80% girls are still not allowed in the kitchen, stopped from going to fair, market while 100% said that there were religious taboos.

Females awared


@Ramlal I am owner of a school and i want to join Innovators-Club.
729 days ago

@Sikha Hume bhi judna hai napkin wale program se.
1055 days ago

@Ramnath Good Initiative Swacch aur Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan. 817 days ago

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